I’m so excited for you to go through this series and try these steps for finding fun in the chaos! Each video is meant to build on the ones before, so I recommend going in order. Take your time with them – perhaps watch a video, then try it out for a few days before moving on to the next. If you have any questions, challenges needing advice, or wins needing celebration, feel free to send me a note at hello@nicolemariefinch.com.  

Video 1: Awareness In this first video of the mindset series, we learn how living “more aware” can benefit our mindset as well as our brain health.  

Video 2: Bedtime Thinking What you think about before bed can marinate in your subconscious all night long and impact your following day (not to mention how well you sleep!). Let’s set ourselves up for success with these tips for bedtime thinking!   Video 3: Self-Talk and Affirmations We tell our brain what to pay attention to with our self-talk. This video explores that idea a bit further, as well as proposes some methods to better manage our self-talk and what we attract in our lives.   Video 4: Our Environment Surprise! Our environment and who we spend the most time with can impact our mindset and happiness. In this video, I share a few ways we can manage how our environment impacts us, even in situations when we may not be able to necessarily control it.   Video 5: Meditation Ah yes, meditation. It’s easier and more powerful than many of us realize. In this video, I break it down into a simple, doable method that will help you manage your chaotic day. Plus, when you hear some of the real neuroscientific benefits it provides, perhaps you will be a convert like me!