My top tips for time management

Time management sometimes feels elusive. With all the demands life places on us, time can feel chaotic and, at certain points, simply unmanageable. If we aren't careful, we can get swept up in the flood, barely keeping our heads above water. The key to time management is discipline and planning. Ugh. Discipline and planning? Not... Continue Reading →

The struggle is real… and important

The more I share messages around personal development, mindset, and growth, the more I see what is out there. Since my interest attracts others with this interest, my social media feeds are full of these positive messages. It’s great, and I absolutely love it, because the more people we have out there sharing these messages,... Continue Reading →

Where do you show passion?

Passion is power. It is the the life-force of all ideas, all dreams, and all goals. It is the "secret sauce" that helps a tiny thought grow into a reality. For better, or for worse. You see, passion is not simply reserved for the good things. It can give power to the not-so-good things too.... Continue Reading →

It’s time to stop trying

In today's video, I encourage us to stop trying. I'll pause for a moment because I can already hear some people saying, Uhm really, Nicole? You, the fun-in-the-chaos girl, are telling us to stop trying? Yes, that's right! Although, it may not be quite what you think. You see, "trying" gets us nowhere. It doesn't... Continue Reading →

The science behind gratitude

In case you haven't heard, gratitude is where it's at! Since today is Thanksgiving for those of us in the United States, you know I just had to talk about gratitude for this week's blog video. I must say that I love how we've turned this holiday into a gratitude food fest. Two of my favorite... Continue Reading →

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