Changing our approach to change

Have you ever felt a bit resistant to change? Perhaps you've stayed at the same job even though part of you feels ready for the next step. Or, maybe you stayed in a mediocre (or even toxic) relationship longer than you knew you should. Or, perhaps you choose to wistfully scroll through social media instead... Continue Reading →

How I’m finding more balance at work

Let's face it. Our day jobs can be stressful, burn us out, and eat into our work-life balance if we're not careful. I experienced this first-hand while at my old consulting job. When I was at work, I felt stressed. When I came home, I felt stressed. The projects and deadlines constantly lingered over me.... Continue Reading →

My top tips for time management

Time management sometimes feels elusive. With all the demands life places on us, time can feel chaotic and, at certain points, simply unmanageable. If we aren't careful, we can get swept up in the flood, barely keeping our heads above water. The key to time management is discipline and planning. Ugh. Discipline and planning? Not... Continue Reading →

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