What is happiness?

In world where we are bombarded by ads, swept up into social media, working the grind, and dealing with all the other chaos around us, happiness can often feel like a lofty goal. After all, where does feeling happy come in when we can barely keep up? (I think my face here says it all...)... Continue Reading →

A resolution for everyone

Happy New Year! Wow time flies. I know some people like to start off a new year with an intention or a goal. Others choose a word or phrase as the theme of the year. Wherever you fall, in today’s video I am proposing a resolution of sorts that I think we should all consider.... Continue Reading →

The myth of hard work

There is a rumor going around that success and respect only come from hard work. Unless we’ve shed blood, sweat, and tears, we are not yet worthy. “Work hard, play hard,” as many like to say. I disagree. I strongly believe that there is a difference between hard work and challenging work. Both require effort... Continue Reading →

The science behind gratitude

In case you haven't heard, gratitude is where it's at! Since today is Thanksgiving for those of us in the United States, you know I just had to talk about gratitude for this week's blog video. I must say that I love how we've turned this holiday into a gratitude food fest. Two of my favorite... Continue Reading →

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