Why do we bond over negativity?

With today being Valentine’s Day, the obvious thing to do would be to share a video on the power of love. The setting is perfect - hearts and roses abound, with friends, family, and couples sharing their love with one another as it is. It’s the perfect opportunity to remind us all how important it... Continue Reading →

It’s time to stop trying

In today's video, I encourage us to stop trying. I'll pause for a moment because I can already hear some people saying, Uhm really, Nicole? You, the fun-in-the-chaos girl, are telling us to stop trying? Yes, that's right! Although, it may not be quite what you think. You see, "trying" gets us nowhere. It doesn't... Continue Reading →

The word on the street about 2019

Have you heard the word on the street about 2019? The predictions are starting to roll in, and things are pointing to it being a transformational, exciting year. After seeing various posts alluding to the energetic shifts and positive vibes to come, I decided to do some research. What is really being said about 2019?... Continue Reading →

Why I don’t skip breakfast

No, I didn't magically transport to a place of green leaves and sun-kissed skin from the winter tundra. As it happened, I had a terrible cold on filming day (and the days that followed; in fact I'm still recovering). So, today's video is a throwback to one I made in early fall that didn't make it... Continue Reading →

A resolution for everyone

Happy New Year! Wow time flies. I know some people like to start off a new year with an intention or a goal. Others choose a word or phrase as the theme of the year. Wherever you fall, in today’s video I am proposing a resolution of sorts that I think we should all consider.... Continue Reading →

The myth of hard work

There is a rumor going around that success and respect only come from hard work. Unless we’ve shed blood, sweat, and tears, we are not yet worthy. “Work hard, play hard,” as many like to say. I disagree. I strongly believe that there is a difference between hard work and challenging work. Both require effort... Continue Reading →

The thing about goal-setting

“Now’s the time to start your goal-setting!” “Make this your best year yet!” “New year, new you!” Are you getting bombarded with all of this too? Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. Shoot, just let me live my life! The truth is that people are happiest when solving problems and overcoming challenges. This means... Continue Reading →

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