Our goal is to support employers and their employees with how to increase productivity while decreasing stress and burn-out in the workplace.

The traditional way we’ve been taught to work is no longer efficient, and working ourselves like machines is simply not effective. We may feel busier than ever before, but busyness has nothing to do with productivity. Have you ever felt like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish your to-do list? Or, have you ever experienced a day of running around, but by the end, you don’t know what you accomplished? (Aside from feeling frazzled, that is.) Whether you’re an employer or a manager, it’s likely we can all relate to these challenges.

After all, we are now in a world where we are constantly online, which means we are prone to interruptions. Between emails, text messages, phone calls, notifications, and more, when do you get anything done? One study estimated that we face an average of 8 to 10 interruptions every hour. This means that every 6 to 8 minutes we have to entirely shift our focus from one concept to another. And this is just the average. If you sometimes feel like your head is a snow globe in the hands of a 5-year-old, then you aren’t too far from the truth.

Our adaptation to this new world of working has been to treat ourselves like machines; however, contrary to popular belief, working more is not the answer. If, like our founder, you have a Type A personality, then this concept may initially be hard to grasp. But, the truth is that when we work like human beings instead of human doings, not only do we produce higher quality work, we also get more done, have stronger relationships, and maintain a better balance between life and work.

Using principles of neuroscience and psychology, we teach a better way to work in today’s chaotic world.

Through seminars and workshops, our mission is to equip employees with tools for decreasing stress and increasing productivity. Doing so also enhances decision-making ability, improves clarity in tough situations, and promotes calm in fast-paced environments. Over the past few years, we’ve tested out theories across the spectrum – from the scientific to the supernatural – to determine which tactics have the greatest impact in the workplace. Now, we are ready to share them with you and your employees in the form of practical, tangible steps. Employees leave our trainings with “brain hacks” and “energy shortcuts” that they can implement immediately into their workdays.

What does this mean for you as a company? For one, let’s face it. Happy employees are better for business. Second, not only does it improve quality and customer service, it also leads to greater employee retention and attracting the right talent. Your employees will be equipped with the tools to perform their best while staying fresh and energized.

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Our Company Values

  1. Compassion. The core of this business is that we care. We understand the challenges of the workplace, and are here to help create a better environment for all.
  2. Authenticity. You won’t find any fluff here! This is about being real and realistic, making things as tangible and actionable as possible.
  3. Simplicity. We recognize that it’s not always easy to change habits, perceptions, and mindsets. So, we value making things as simple as possible, ready for you to implement right away.
  4. Integrity. We are here to do right by you and your employees. We stand by our word, and will be honest and direct with you throughout the process.
  5. Fun. We are all about finding fun in the chaos, so naturally fun is on our list of values! We learn better when there is fun in the mix, and let’s be honest – we can all benefit from having a bit more fun in our lives.

About the Founder

Nicole Marie Finch, MPH is a speaker, writer, and founder of the Worker BETM Workshop. Her passion for personal development and mental well-being in the workplace stems from her studies as a Master in Public Health and over 10 years working in the corporate world. For most of that time, she worked as an employee benefits consultant, supporting Fortune 1000 companies in developing employee wellness programs and benefit packages. Through this work, she recognized the amount of influence an employer has on an individual’s well-being, and likewise, how much influence the collective individuals’ well-being has on the employer. Her workshops, trainings, and consulting packages are designed with this in mind to help all parties succeed.

After years of research, Nicole found that most of the information out there already seemed to be either heavy on science, heavy on spirit, or lacking true substance (with advice such as “just change your perspective”). Looking for practicality, simplicity, and efficiency, but not satisfied with what she was finding, she decided to develop her own Frankenstein approach to personal development. Taking tactics from neuroscience, psychology, physiology, human design, and spirituality, she created a formula for managing your mindset to decrease stress and increase joy in this chaotic world. Or as she likes to call it, “finding fun in the chaos.”