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We have easily conditioned minds in a world all too happy to take advantage. Decisions that we think are our own may not be. The actions we take are more influenced that we realize. In order to keep our power, we’ve got to learn to keep our minds to ourselves!

In today’s blog video, I share some tactics for taking back authority over our decisions. I believe that when we manage what our mind takes in, we can feel more at peace and happy about life. Our goals become less clouded and uncertain, and we take greater comfort in just being ourselves.

The truth is that what we let into our mind is way more powerful than we may realize. Words matter. Visions matter. Experiences and how we frame them matter. I’ve noticed an enormous difference ever since I started taking this more seriously. I hope these tactics help calm some of the chaos in your life, perhaps helping you to even find the fun in it!

Post Author: Nicole Marie Finch

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