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Let’s face it. Our day jobs can be stressful, burn us out, and eat into our work-life balance if we’re not careful. I experienced this first-hand while at my old consulting job. When I was at work, I felt stressed. When I came home, I felt stressed. The projects and deadlines constantly lingered over me.

I was always striving to be better, be faster, be smarter. It totally burned me out.

When another job popped up that sounded remotely interesting, I took it. The move wasn’t at all strategic; it didn’t lead to substantially more money nor could you consider it a promotion. More than anything it was simply a side-step – a quick solution to break me away from the job that had worn me down.

This new job had a much slower pace. It left room for me to rediscover my passions and reconnect with my true self. I tried some things that were out-of-the-box (at least for me) and I began my journey of personal growth. During that time, I started this blog, wrote the first draft of my book, and founded an LLC with the goal of sharing what I was learning with the world.

I had no intention of sticking around in corporate, but the Universe had other plans.

A recruiter reached out to me about a job that closely resembled the one I had left due to burn-out. For this reason, I was surprised when something in my gut said “take it.” As much as my mind tried to rationalize other options, I couldn’t shake the feeling. In the end, I accepted the job.

However, this time around, I made the decision that I would not let it turn into the burn-out craziness I experienced in my prior work. I felt determined to find a way to maintain my balance. So, tapping into the many tactics I had learned over the years, I used myself as my own little science experiment. And I’m happy to say that so far, so good!

In today’s blog video, I share some of the ways I’ve struck a balance, allowing myself to have a corporate job, a passion job, a life, and not feel totally drained. Quite the contrary, I feel energized! Tune in to learn more and see if perhaps these tactics may work for you too.

Post Author: Nicole Marie Finch

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