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The more I share messages around personal development, mindset, and growth, the more I see what is out there. Since my interest attracts others with this interest, my social media feeds are full of these positive messages. It’s great, and I absolutely love it, because the more people we have out there sharing these messages, the better.

Lately, though, I’ve been acutely aware of how these messages can also be overwhelming.

“Do this thing to make your life more perfect.”
“Try that tactic to feel happier.”
“Act like this and you will never fail.”

Even for me, someone in the process of writing a book on personal growth, it can feel a bit intense. Perfection is an impossible task. Maybe I don’t want to use every waking moment to do something to better myself or pursue my dreams. Maybe I want to read a book, sleep late, or watch a TV show just for fun. When I’m having a bad day, sometimes I choose to take a moment and order a pizza instead of forcing myself to work on building my business.

And that’s ok.

While these messages and ideas about manifesting the life you desire are helpful, they also don’t require perfection. In fact, struggle is a part of life. We are meant to struggle. It’s ok to be struggling. It’s ok to have a bad day. And, despite being a proponent of finding fun in the chaos, it’s ok to not have fun sometimes!

Struggle is an important part of finding our way through life. So, don’t let the overwhelm stop you completely and certainly don’t let the constant search for perfection steal your joy. Part of the fun is navigating our way through struggle, honoring it and embracing it.

Today’s blog video is all about being kinder to ourselves in the presence of struggle. Give yourself that much-needed break, reset, and get back up when you’re ready. You do you!

Post Author: Nicole Marie Finch

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