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Passion is power. It is the the life-force of all ideas, all dreams, and all goals. It is the “secret sauce” that helps a tiny thought grow into a reality. For better, or for worse.

You see, passion is not simply reserved for the good things. It can give power to the not-so-good things too.

Like struggling with money. Difficulty in finding the right life partner. Worrying about what others think. Feeling unhappy at work. These are all things that you could be fueling with passion and not even be realizing you’re doing it.

Part of the reason is that we’ve learned to associate passion with our joys; however, all it really means is to give your energy to something. Growing a business is tough, but if you have passion for the topic, you are willing and able to give it energy. Raising kids is no joke (or so I’ve heard), but because you have passion for being a good parent to your children, you give it all you’ve got. Artwork takes dedication and patience, but when you have that “secret sauce,” you are willing to do what it takes.

So, where are you focusing the most energy? To what ideas and actions are you giving the most passion?

In today’s blog video, I explore this idea a bit further. I help us identify where we’re really directing most of our energy, giving us the opportunity to adjust if we so choose. When we put our energy toward our big ideas, big dreams, and big goals, we will see big shifts in our life. The moment we let go of the nagging thoughts that may be holding us back is the moment we can step forward into awesomesauceness. And, speaking of which, that’s my passion. To share ways for you to take the “baby steps” away from who the world told you to be and into who the universe meant for you to be!

Post Author: Nicole Marie Finch

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