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Have you heard the word on the street about 2019? The predictions are starting to roll in, and things are pointing to it being a transformational, exciting year.

After seeing various posts alluding to the energetic shifts and positive vibes to come, I decided to do some research. What is really being said about 2019? I share my findings with you in today’s video, so you can get pumped and take advantage.

Now, here’s the thing. You can choose to believe these predictions or not. I’m not here to convince you of anything, and I’m certainly not trying to sway your beliefs. Part of my purpose for sharing is because I think it’s fascinating, but you may just think it’s all a croc 🙂

However, the cool thing about how your mind and energy work is that when you adopt something as truth, you will see it play out in your life. If you adopt the idea that 2019 is going to be as rough as the years before, then it will be. If you adopt the idea that 2019 will be your year, then it will be! And, if you listen to these predictions and decide, “heck yeah that will happen for me!” then guess what. They will happen!

Our minds don’t base their truth and beliefs on the reality of the world around us. They will believe to be true what we tell them to be true. So, if you believe these 2019 predictions to be true, acting as if they’re true, telling your mind that they’re true… well, then they will be true!

So, take a listen and make the decision for yourself. What truth will you choose to believe for yourself for 2019? And, if you’ve heard other predictions about the year, please share by commenting below! I’d love to know what you’ve found.

Here’s to fun and success in 2019!

Post Author: Nicole Marie Finch

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