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“Now’s the time to start your goal-setting!”
“Make this your best year yet!”
“New year, new you!”

Are you getting bombarded with all of this too? Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. Shoot, just let me live my life!

The truth is that people are happiest when solving problems and overcoming challenges. This means that having a goal and working towards it will make you feel fulfilled and happy in life. So, it is important to have goals, no matter how small they might be. It gives you a sense of purpose and direction in life. Without these feelings, life can feel extra chaotic.

Goal-setting becomes a problem, however, if you are basing your happiness on achieving it.

If you get caught up in the goal-setting excitement, setting huge goals that you’re sure will bring you joy and happiness, you may find that life feels more like a race. It’s a race to achieve your goal so you can finally feel happiness. Suddenly you find life passing you by without even noticing.

When you base your happiness on a future event, it steals your sense of joy and fulfillment in the present. And, in case you haven’t noticed, we only live in the present. The future is always ahead of us.

The only way we can truly feel joy and fulfillment is if we feel it right now, with the exact life we have at the moment.

This is not to say that goal-setting is ‘bad,’ but that I think there is a better way to work towards your goals without letting them take away from the life you have now. In today’s blog video, I share my take on goal-setting and how we can strike this balance.

As someone who has lived much of her life under the thought that “I’ll be happy when…” I feel very passionate about the topic of today’s blog video. To be honest, I still have to fight this habit every day, but I’ve made a huge shift to focusing more on the present. When we allow ourselves to enjoy the journey, it’s then that we find we can truly enjoy our life. 

Post Author: Nicole Marie Finch

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