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For today’s blog video, I thought I’d do something a little different. Knowing how most of us are out there buying gifts of appreciation for the ones we love, I thought I’d share some gift-giving ideas with you. I’m sure we all have that one or two people that we’re stuck on and not sure what to get. Or perhaps you’re looking for something different and creative to give this year. Or maybe you’re just completely lost altogether and needing help. Whatever the case may be, I got you! The gifts that I’m showcasing are all ones that align with the idea of promoting mindfulness and well-being this holiday season. I tried to span a few different categories and ideas that could be suitable for different types of people. They are all products that I am recommending out of my love for them, most of which I already own today. To make it as easy as possible, I’ve outlined and linked everything below, but be sure to check out the video too. Below is just a list, but in the video I share a bit of context about each gift, why I chose it and to whom I think it would be great to give. I know it’s chaos out there, so hopefully this helps at least someone find fun in their holiday shopping! And if you’re one of those early shoppers who is already all done… well, first of all, teach us your secrets! And second of all, perhaps keep these in mind for a birthday, appreciation gift, or get your holiday shopping for next year started already 🙂
Mindful Book Gifts:
Mindful Goal-Reaching Gifts:
  • Spark Your Bliss Affirmation Cards (with action & journaling prompts) – click here
  • Affirmation Cards to Manifest More in Your Life – click here
  • Aspire with Aileen Self-Assessment Guide – click here
Mindful Health Gifts:

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