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This season I encourage you to go with your gut! And no, I don’t just mean to follow your intuition when deciding to get Aunt Mary the mug or the candle. I mean taking care of your digestive system because it’s the only one you gut! 🙂 Let’s be honest- this is the time of year when our gut could use a little extra TLC. With all the heavy food, extra beverages, and craziness around us, it is working overtime to help us to digest life. An overworked and unhealthy gut can cause a number of issues such as mental fog, trouble sleeping, lower energy, weaker immune system, bloating, weight gain, skin issues, etc. In other words, so much of how we feel originates from our gut! Who knew. In this week’s video, I am sharing some tips to help you “go with your gut.” There are actions you can take – both mentally and physically – to support the gut while still being able to enjoy the activities that come with this time of year. Trust me when I say you’ll feel much better when you use these tactics, even with all the food and festivities. It’s a win-win! And speaking of a win-win, I’m super excited to share that I’ll be partnering with Arbonne International (the pure, safe, and beneficial health & wellness company) to provide a “Healthy through the Holidays” coaching program. It’s all about finding your fun in the chaos, without wearing down your health and energy. I’ll help you apply the strategies that I share in my blog video, plus you’ll get healthy holiday-themed meal ideas and accountability through a private Facebook group with others in the program. It’s going to be so awesome and I hope you’ll join us! Click here for more info.

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