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Today is my birthday, and how wonderful for my birthday to fall on the same day as I release my blog videos! It seemed only appropriate to record and release this video all in the same day so I could soak up some of the birthday spirit.

In today’s video, I share some recent lessons I learned from watching a few Ted talks, which I’ve included below. Highly recommend checking them out! I also share my mission for the next year to help us all find fun in the chaos.

My mission is grounded in the belief that if we can harness the power of our mind, we can change the world.

Sound a bit far-fetched? Perhaps. But what goal didn’t sound far-fetched before it was a reality? Consider the first car and the first airplane. Consider the fact that we’ve launched people into space and some people have actually lived there for a time.

Imagine telling someone in the 1800s that one day we’d be holding a computer in our pockets. They’d have no idea what you’re talking about because computers weren’t even invented yet. So, you try to explain what it is and what it does. It’s likely you’d get some raised eyebrows that such a thing could ever be possible.

Everything in the world as we know it today started as a thought, an idea, a dream.

At one point it was something no one could even fathom and now it is hard to fathom life without it. When these ideas first came into being, no one thought they’d be possible. But we’ve proved time and time again that it is possible to make the impossible possible.

So, I stand by my belief and stand by my mission for changing the world together simply by changing our own personal worlds first. Tune in to today’s video to hear more about my mission, my message, and how it relates to the messages shared by Brene Brown and Simon Sinek in their Ted talks, linked below.

Brene Brown on Vulnerability
Brene Brown on  Shame
Simon Sinek on the Power of Why

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