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My fascination with how the brain works continues to expand. The stories I’ve heard, the science I’ve learned, the power I’ve experienced. Incredible. Perhaps there will come a day when I no longer get jaw-dropping-ly, eyes-widening-ly amazed by cool brain facts. But today is not that day. Today I marvel in the awesome power that we hold in this relatively small space between our ears. I suppose doing so is a bit ironic since it’s basically the brain marveling at itself, but let’s circle back to that at a later date. For now, let’s celebrate the ‘magic’ behind how our brains work. For actually being a brain, we seem to have a lot of trouble believing in our brains’ capabilities and understanding how they work. Not only are we not using our brains to their full advantage, we are also using them in a way that tends to work against us. In today’s video, I both celebrate all we can do while also suggesting how to stop exploiting what we can do. Because the truth is that we’ve been unintentionally running ourselves down. Our brains (or our minds, depending on how you’d like to think of it; we can explore the difference in a future post) are processing powerhouses. It is tempting to use them to their limits. We multitask to the max, push ourselves to the point of stress, and give our minds the task of coordinating the un-coordinate-able. (Side note- are bloggers allowed to make up words? #askingforafriend) Do you know what happens when you use a computer 24/7 without a proper shut-down? Unfortunately, I do because I’m the person who doesn’t turn off their computer unless forced to do so. I just keep putting it on sleep mode until one day the fan is constantly going, it’s moving really slow, it overheats, and shuts down. When it gets really bad, sometimes the only option is to restart in Safe Mode. Friends, it might be time for you to do a full shutdown and restart in safe mode. It’s not too late to turn ourselves from overworked machines back into the humans we are meant to be. Tune in for today’s video to learn more!

Post Author: Nicole Marie Finch

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