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I have a love-hate relationship with a sense of urgency. On the one hand, I agree that we shouldn’t wait to pursue our goals. Doing the thing that makes you feel the most fulfilled and happy in life deserves to be high on the priority list. But sometimes the importance we place on urgency these days is a bit too much. Get a good job. Make money. Grow a side hustle. Get married. Start a family. Go, go, go! No time to waste, so use all your free moments to make it happen! I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of living that way. My whole life I’ve been trying to reach one goal after the next. When do we get to just rest and enjoy the present? If you feel that way too, I’ve got great news. You’re looking at that moment right now! Because as I’ve started to realize, life isn’t about finding happiness at some future destination. It’s about all the little adventures and journeys we find along the way. We make some of our best memories in the smallest moments. See, here’s the thing. A sense of urgency tends to create a clear picture of our future goals – which is great – but at the expense of fogging up the view in our peripherals. It’s like driving a car and looking ahead through the front windshield to see where you’re going, not noticing all the sights from the side windows. (An analogy that works to make my point, but please continue to look straight ahead while driving!) In today’s blog video, I share my thoughts on living with a sense of urgency and how it can make us feel, as well as offer an alternative approach. Now, I know that a sense of urgency may work for you and that’s awesome. You might have just the right mix of passion and energy to make a sense of urgency feel exhilarating! And in some cases it can be just the thing to help you shift your life from one of “good enough” to one of greatness. As for the rest of us, perhaps another way of thinking will provide more peace and joy in the present, while still keeping us on track to reach our goals.

Post Author: Nicole Marie Finch

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