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Feelings of hunger are not always what they seem. There a number of reasons why we may feel hungry, and the solution is not always food. An indulging snack may provide some relief, but if the root cause isn’t addressed, you’ll probably feel hungry again soon. And so, you may reach for another snack. This continuous cycle is a big contributor for why managing our health and weight can feel like a constant battle. Sometimes life’s chaos can grow to a place of overwhelm. We may experience emotional difficulties, career and family challenges, or simply a sense that we’re falling behind. When we get caught up in the chaos, it’s easy to become disconnected from ourselves. We forget how to listen to our body and understand our core needs. They are being drowned out by the mayhem and overshadowed by society’s standards. It’s easier to address the feeling of hunger with a quick hit, instead of pressing pause to really tune in. So, what is really making you feel hungry? In today’s blog, I offer a few reason why we feel hunger (aside from the obvious, of course, when you just plain ole need to eat!). Sometimes it has to do with the food we’re eating, and sometimes not. There are mental, emotional, and health reasons for feeling hungry. When we are aware of them, then we can satisfy them, once and for all!

Post Author: Nicole Marie Finch

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