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I don’t know about you, but the older I get, the more I’m beginning to wonder if adulthood is a real thing. I certainly don’t feel any more adult. There are still times when I wonder, “Am I really old enough to be married, with a job, and owning a house?” I suppose at age 31, yes, I am technically old enough for those things. But I don’t feel as adult and “together” as I thought I’d feel at this age. As a kid, you assume that the adults know what they’re doing. I assumed there must come some moment – perhaps a ceremony – where you are dubbed an adult and become all-knowing. You’ve got it all together and all figured out. Yes, you are ADULT! Alas, I didn’t get a ceremony or any official adult certification. Instead, it kind of just snuck up on me until one day, I got really excited about a new kitchen sink and thought, “Wow wait, I think I’m an adult. When did this happen?” So, it got me thinking. Is adulthood a myth? What does “being adult” really mean? I polled the audience. Turns out, I was not alone. Others had the same sneaking suspicions that “adulthood” wasn’t exactly real. For some, it began when they got their first job and didn’t go back to school in the fall. For others, it was when they started to get bills. Still others had their adult realization when they could no longer buy their outfits in sets. Kid outfits come with shirt and pants, all together. As an adult, we are given the responsibility for separately finding shirts and pants to match. I don’t know about you, but I’m not always up to that task. So, the question remains. Does adulthood really exist? Or are we all just faking it, hoping no one will notice that we’re actually just kids trying to come off as “adult”? This week’s blog video explores this question and my findings. Tune in and then comment below to let us know – what’s your take on adulthood?

Post Author: Nicole Marie Finch

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