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I just love it when ideas for having fun overlap so nicely with ideas for improving health. And it just so happens that it’s possible to have fun, learn something new, AND improve our brain health all at once! Win-win-win! You see, our brain operates with the “use it, or lose it” principle. We can go through our days, following the same-old routine, basically living a real-life Groundhog Day. When we do that, we are going through the motions, just trying to check things off the list, until “one day” arrives and we can retire (or whatever the end-goal may be). Scientifically speaking, our brain will start to “prune” the neurological pathways we are no longer using, which means it can begin to atrophy and stop being aliveIt’s even possible for the brain to “die” before the body does. Or! We can go through our day aware of all that’s happening around us. Stop to smell the roses, so to speak. We can get excited about a new project, or see ourselves progressing with a fun hobby. We can switch up our routines, and try not to be so “adult.” If we do this, we can help our brains to “stay alive” – sharp and aware – even into old age! And how much more exciting life will be that way! We are engaged in the world around us, and making it a point to have fun. Meanwhile, our brain is staying smart and interested, helping us to see opportunities that could help us reach our goals. So what kind of brain health activities will you incorporate into your day? In today’s video, I share my personal journey in this area and provide some guidance for finding your own activity that will equally benefit your brain health as well as your soul. In other words, this video is a perfect example of how to have fun in the chaos of life!
P.S. Would you like some personal guidance in this area, or for harnessing the power of your mind overall? I am offering a free 20-minute “vent sesh” for those who are interested and I would love to help you! Click here to schedule.  

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