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You read that right – there’s actual science behind the notion to follow your heart! How fun is that! If you’ve been trying the mindset tips I’ve shared without much progress yet, then today’s video may be your jam. I’m digging a bit deeper into the concept of “heart intelligence” that I introduced in last week’s video. It was a new concept for many, and surprisingly it’s backed by science. At the same time, this is stuff we innately know to be true; we’ve just been told to ignore it. Doing so has caused us to become disconnected from ourselves over time. Because let’s be honest- we often feel things in our heart before we start thinking about them logically. Why do we go against how we feel? Somewhere along the lines we were told to value the logical analysis of the mind, over the guidance given from the heart. I mean, I get it. As a sciencey person myself, it’s hard to follow my heart (or those “gut feelings”) when I’m analyzing a situation and my logic is producing a different answer. So, I started using “heart guidance” in low-risk situations (e.g., in which aisle to look for a parking space) before using it in more intense scenarios (e.g., during a tough call at work). And you know what? It’s working. Because we’ve been trained to follow the logic, we pay more attention to the voice in our heads than in our hearts. Doing so can cause all sorts of confusion – stress, physical discomfort, unhappiness, and dis-ease. So the goal of today’s video is to help you see the power of the heart, with a sciencey twist of course! I suppose it’s a bit ironic to use logic to explain the counter-logic of the heart, but here we go! And perhaps this angle will be easier for our minds to comprehend anyway. So with that, let’s have some heart-felt fun watching today’s video!

Post Author: Nicole Marie Finch

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