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It might sound like it’s a good thing to have a high tolerance for stress. A higher tolerance means you can push harder, go farther, and be stronger than others who feel more impacted by stress. But are we truly managing stress more effectively, or have we just gotten used to feeling stressed? Studies show that it’s not the big, unexpected life events that cause the most stress-related damage to our health; it’s the smaller, more common stress that we experience every day. This type is dangerous because we’ve grown more tolerant of it. In some cases, we have even grown to expect it, so we let it build up slowly, but surely, over time. Stress physically impacts our body even when we accept it, ignore it, or – get this – feel justified in feeling stressed. Yep, that’s right. Something (or someone) at work stressing you out? Even if you feel that you have the right to be stressed or angry about what’s happening, it is still negatively impacting your health. The body’s stress response involves over 1400 known physical and chemical reactions, so good luck trying to sneak one by! Ok ok, so we all get how bad stress can be. What do we do about it? Well, this is where it gets exciting. The answer lies right where the seemingly “woo-woo” overlaps with the science. This juiciness is what I’m exploring in today’s video and will be discussing a bit further next week as well. Perhaps it will help us to look at stress differently. It may even cause us to look at our lives differently. But there’s only one way to find out! So, check out today’s video, and as always, I’d love to hear your thoughts by commenting below or sending me a note. And then be sure to tune in next week too! If you haven’t already, you can sign up for email updates when I release my videos each week. Just enter your info in the section at the bottom of this page and you won’t miss a thing.  

Post Author: Nicole Marie Finch

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