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But, seriously. Why is it so hard to get some peace and quiet up there?! Yes, we have a lot of distractions these days. Yes, we have to leave at least 83 tabs open at all times to be ready for an instant concept-shift at any moment (as you’ll remember from last week!). But sometimes, we just need some peace and quiet. Like when we are trying to go to sleep, for example. That would be nice. Where is the “off” button? As I’ll talk about on today’s video, we’ve given our minds the impossible task of fitting the world into our own model of reality that we’ve been building since the day we were born. A task such as that requires plotting and planning around the clock. Our mind has to keep track of everything so it can monitor whether or not it fits the bill. If not, it has to remedy it because somewhere along the lines we decided that it makes more sense to modify the world to fit our specifications instead of being open and accepting of all that comes our way. It’s like trying to build a sandcastle during high tide. No matter how fast you build, you can’t avoid the ocean waves! As you’ll see, this week’s post is a bit more on the philosophical side of the spectrum versus the “sciency” side where I usually like to stay – which is why I classify it as “woo-woo” because anything outside my scientific model of reality is considered “woo-woo,” naturally. But I felt compelled to go down this path for this week’s post because first of all, it’s a fascinating way to look at what’s going on upstairs. And second, it starts to lay the groundwork for why we run ourselves ragged and end up so stressed, instead of feeling aligned, fulfilled, and truly happy. So, check out the video – keeping an open mind! – and then I’d love to hear your thoughts. And be sure to tune in next week where I dive into this idea of “stress” a bit further, bringing back the juicy scientific nuggets!

Post Author: Nicole Marie Finch

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