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Total nerd alert for the video this week, but I’m just SO fascinated by this topic. Managing our mind – aka the voice in our heads – can be the difference between living a life of stress, boredom, and that “can’t-catch-a-break” feeling or living a life of excitement, fulfillment, and success. I’ve read, and continue to read, many books on this topic and they span from super “woo-woo” to crazy scientific. For instance, one book I read poses the question: who is that voice in your head? It can’t be you can it, if you are the one who is listening to the voice? No, you must be the one observing the voice and the voice is someone else. But then again, it’s not separate and distinct from you so it must be part of you somehow, right? [Blank stare out window] Meanwhile another book gets all technical about the chemical reactions that occur in our brains depending on what we’re thinking, doing, or perceiving and how neurons are continuously adapting (a favorite quote among the neuroscientists seems to be “neurons that fire together wire together”). And despite it all, in many ways I see them saying the same thing. Our mind is clearly a pretty powerful tool that most of us are not using to its full potential. We accept the voice as it is, the criticism and all, and as such we accept life the way the voice tells us it is. So, I would say that the first step to being happier and less stressed is learning how to support that voice in our head so that it can support us in living our best lives. One method of doing so is managing our mindset, and for that I’ve narrowed in on 5 key tactics to be most effective, as summarized in this video. Tune in to learn more!

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