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In the spirit of all the fun that people are hopefully having this holiday week, I decided to do something a little sillier than originally planned for today’s post. Do you remember how to have fun? You might be saying, uh, duh Nicole. Obviously I do or otherwise I wouldn’t be reading this post. But as you go through your day-to-day, I challenge you to consider – Are you incorporating things that you truly find fun, at your core, without caring what anyone thinks? Without trying to be “cool” or “cultured” or trying to impress? Something that makes you joyful? Happy? Makes your heart sing? I hope so! Here’s the thing – sometimes we can get so caught up in “adulting” and doing all these things we think we’re supposed to do or that we think we should find fun, that we stop doing what actually brings that silly, giggly joy to our hearts. For instance, have you ever been doing something fun but found yourself feeling guilty or lame because maybe you should be cleaning the house or out being social instead? Ugh, me too. Let’s scratch that! It’s time to give ourselves permission to incorporate true fun into our day. Let your inner child be your guide… the one that didn’t worry if what you wanted to play was “weird” or “didn’t make sense.” You just knew what you enjoyed and went for it! So! Let’s embrace our silly childhood selves and spice up our day with a little play. What did you loving doing as a kid?
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