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Here goes nothing! Despite this definitely being outside my comfort zone, it turned out to be super fun and I’m excited to do more. For my debut video, I decided to give a bit more background as to why I’m starting a video blog (which I’m informed is called a vlog) in the first place, including a brief overview as to what this adventure will be all about. Definitely check out my “About” page if you haven’t already, but really my goal here is to have fun – fun in our work, fun in our health, fun in our life. I’ll share tips for doing all that based on what I’ve found to work best, as well as some neat-o facts that made me go “what?!” and perhaps I’ll find others who can nerd-out with me. Thanks for tuning in!

Post Author: Nicole Marie Finch

5 Replies to “It’s official!”

  1. Nicole, I am in… ironically your blog/vlog correlates to a nursing project I am starting this next year for my leadership course….have also been seeking out resources for personal growth as well….my friend Derika just recommended the book Law of Attraction, another The Secret ….which reminded me of what you were saying about different spectums of things to utilize…. can’t wait to hear more….Sophia

    1. That’s awesome Sophia! I love the law of attraction and The Secret. I watched the documentary on Netflix – super powerful. Thanks so much for tuning in; I look forward to sharing more! And I’d love to hear more about that project once it’s underway! I’m definitely a “personal growth junkie” now so always happy to recommend resources/books to check out.
      <3 Nicole

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