If you’re looking to find more fun in the chaos, then you’ve come to the right place!

Our goal is to help stressed-out, burned-out individuals find clarity with their purpose and balance in their life. Doing so is about learning to love life at the exact pace it’s moving while developing a plan to make the desired life a reality.  When we do this, we turn stress into excitement and wishes into plans. We may even find true happiness.

Our trainings combine human knowledge with human intuition. It’s where neuroscience meets metaphysical. Heart physiology meets spiritual. The goal is to break it all down into practical, tangible steps so we can all just move on with our lives, living the way we’ve always hoped we could – with fun!

Interested in learning more about our unique approach to personal development? Head over to the Blog for a variety of free training videos. We also offer options for individual and group workshops. You can learn more on the Services page.


About the Founder

Growing up, Nicole focused on doing all the “right” things. She graduated with a business degree from Boston University, got a good job at a consulting firm, and eventually received her Master of Public Health degree from Tufts University. She thought she was on the path to success and happiness. Then, a few months before her 30th birthday, she suddenly became overwhelmed with the thought, “Is this it? I just keep going through the motions? Just trying to keep my head above water? Just taking things as they come? Isn’t there more to life?”

Not long after this moment, Nicole was introduced to the world of personal development. She quickly became hooked, and over the next few years spent much of her spare time soaking up all the information she could gather from books, trainings, and conferences. Most of the information out there seemed to be either heavy on science, heavy on spirit, or lacking true substance (with advice such as “just change your perspective”). Looking for practicality, simplicity, and efficiency, but not satisfied with what she was finding, she decided to develop her own Frankenstein approach to personal development. Taking tactics from neuroscience, psychology, physiology, human design, and spirituality, she created a formula for managing your mindset to decrease stress and increase joy in this chaotic world. Or as she likes to call it, “finding fun in the chaos.”

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